Mountain flying

Mountain flying is practised in three different environments:


This sports activity requires a high technical piloting level and a thorough knowledge of the mountainous environment; limiting the number of pilots practising landings on glaciers. You need to understand the behaviour of glaciers, mountain air currents and know the different types of snow.

This is an activity practised only by a few number of pilots in a discrete manner with rigour, discipline, respect, qualities found in mountaineering.

Available sites for flying are few, as the number of authorised glaciers is limited.

There is no disturbance to the environment, because the aircraft we use have all been fitted since 1997 with efficient silencers build and licensed for us, as well as with propellers which help further reduce the noise.

Moreover, our pilots train mostly in winter, when few mountaineers are out.


For our pilots, this flying environment offers a chance to explore the difficulties of flying and to gain rigour and precision, a source of satisfaction in itself, in a natural environment without the additional difficulties found on glaciers.

Most of the airfields used (altisurface) are on isolated spots, sometimes near a shelter.

These visits offer the opportunitie to meet the locals or your hosts.

Mountain flying contributes to the activity of rural areas and to the diversity of the local economy, particularly beneficial in less developed and low population density areas.

Altiports (altitude airport) tend to be used more by "general aviation flights", where aeronautical services and accommodation are offered.


It is practised on country airstrips of varying difficulty, often privately owned; some being similar to mountain strips. As in mid-range mountains, it provides a boost to local life and activity. Enjoying and protecting the natural environment, pilots enhance their piloting skills on strips with different characteristics.

As can be seen, this is a particular and specific type of flying, very different from business aviation, from flying with instruments and using controlled airfields, depending on infrastructures financed with public funds.

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