European Mountain Pilots Federation


This mountain pilots association was set up in 1991 in Clacton-on-Sea (UK).

The creation of the EMP by members of the French and Italian mountain pilots associations was the first step in establishing links between the various countries where mountain flying is practised.

Over the years, the national mountain flying associations of Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Germany and Luxembourg have become members. Since then a network of relationships and communication between countries, as well as with the EASA, has been developed.

In February 2001, the decision was taken to change the legal status of the association of friends and to form a federation (under the French 1901 legislation regulating non profit organisations), which is now known as European Mountain Pilots, usually referred to as EMP. This decision was officially implemented on 20 May 2003, and "The European Mountain Pilots Federation, A.E." was born.

In 2005, a German-speaking section including Switzerland, Germany and Austria, already members of the EMP, was created to facilitate communication in German.

EMP includes national mountain pilots associations and groups of France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg and Germany.

Governing Board and Board of Directors:

Honorary President: Robert Barrier (France) (President 1991 - 2006)

President: Martin Skacel  (President OeGPV)


  • Gerard Ferrier (AFPM, France)
  • Mario Ventura (AIPM, Italy)
  • Edi Ledergerber (ASPG, Switzerland)

Treasurer: Alain Verwaerde (AFPMFrance)

Secretary:  Alain Verwaerde (AFPM, France)

Auditor: Nicolas Nuoffer (Switzerland)

Other members of the Board of Directors:

  • Eric Fix (President AFPM, France)
  • Angel Ibáñez (APME President, Spain)
  • Francesco Frezza (AIPM, Italy)
  • Domenico Chiesa (President AIPM, Italy)
  • Charles Hommet (AIPM, Italy)
  • Daniel Serres  (President APPM, France)
  • Marlies Campi (APME, Spain) (President  EMP 2006 - 2015)
  • Cédric Pasche (ASPG, Switzerland) (President 2015-16)
  • Jean-Michel Praz (ASPG, Switzerland)
  • Pascal Balet (ASPG, Switzerland)
  • Heinz Schaefer (OeGPV, Austria)
  • Reiner Schmid (DGPV, Germany)
  • Hans Reininger (DGPV, Germany)
  • Thomas Drescher (Luxembourg)

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